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Projects & Achievements

* Green colour writing indicates that this project is completed

** Blue colour writing indicates that this project is being completed

*** Red colour writing indicates that this project is yet to be started

Date Project Envisaged Project Details Outcome Achieved
1999 The late Ibrahim Khan Raja, a British Citizen originating from Tatral, Pakistan identified a dire need and his wish to provide free religious education to young children in the village of Tatral and the surrounding villages. Construction of the Madrassah building began in 2004/2005. The Madrasah was officially opened in 2008 providing free religious education and memorisation of the Quran to local children. Currently there are more than 30 students at the Madrasah who are full time boarders and benefit from free accommodation, food and access to mainstream education from the Islamic Public school.
2010/2011 In 2010/2011, one of the trustees Mr Fida Chaudhary, identified the need to also provide mainstream education in the English medium to children in the area of Thana Chountra.
It was envisaged that initially a Primary school would be set up with ambitions to expand into middle, secondary, college and eventually University level Education. Thereby making this a very ambitious and long term vision. The target was to provide a functioning Primary school by 2013.
On 01 January 2012, Makka Solicitors Ltd became provided valuable input into the management and planning of building the institution.
Under the supervision of Colonel Muhammad Nawaz Malik, the building works started in 2014 and the School was opened to the public in 2015.
In 2017, the school expanded to begin Middle School classes.
2012 To provide opportunities to the outstanding students of the organisation to study abroad at prestigious Universities and institutions worldwide by 2024. TThis project will be reviewed further in 2023, as at present our students are of only school age.
2013 To purchase agricultural land for cultivation and to have livestock for the benefit of the Madrasah students who reside at the premises. Some of the land was donated in 2015 and further land was purchased in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Further work on this project is yet to start.
2014 In 2014 the Charity decided to go beyond the educational project and also build a hospital hospital to provide day-to-day medical care, first aid and emergency treatment. Due to pressing urgency and demand owing to lack of medical facilities in the proximity, we have to give priority to this project. It is hoped that we will commence work on this project in 2019.
2014 It 2014, we decided to provide an ambulance service to cater for emergencies to take patients to the city hospitals in Rawalpindi. The ambulance project will also simultaneously start with the hospital project in 2019.
2016 In 2016 the Charity decided to expand the educational project to offer educational services to local adults in the area who were not fortunate to receive education during their formative years in life. The aim was to begin classes for women by mid-2016. In June 2016 education classes For women began. This project is currently on hold.
2016 March 2017, To build two further classrooms for the school. This project was completed at the end of 2017.
2017 To build four further classrooms on the first floor of the school. This project was completed in the middle of 2018.
2017 In order to provide recreational and healthy activities for the students of the two institutions it was aimed that a cricket stadium would be be built on the land purchased by the Charity in December 2016. Alhamdulillah, Saqlain Mushtaq, the former Pakistan test player started this project on 16 April 2017. The stadium is called Saqlain Stadium. It is hoped that the stadium will be ready by 2019/2020.
2018 To cater for ever growing number of staff and students we decided to demolish some parts of the old Madrasah building and rebuild it to include staff rooms, toilets and bathroom on all three floors. This project is now under construction and we hope that In Sh Allah it will be completed by the end of 2018.
2018 To build a separate building to provide accommodation for Madrasah students, Madrasah’s teachers, a storeroom and a kitchen. This project is now under construction and we hope that inshallah it will be completed by the end of 2018.