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News Archived

January 2016 – Al Alim Public School will announce it first ever results on 23 March 2016.

2015 – Al Alim Public School arranged Eid party for the teachers, students and parents. Other than the teachers, administration, students, and their parents other people from the surrounding villages also attended. It was estimated that approximately 125 people attended the Eid party. Plans to expand the school were also discussed.

2015 – Al-Alim Public School decides to offer free books this year to all student regardless their of their financial abilities.

5 April 2015 – Al-Alim Public School starts providing free primary education. Number of students (approximately 45) enrolled for the very first time at the school remains low which is mainly attributed to late admission and expensive course material.

March 2015– Al-Alim Public School opens its admission.

February 2015– Al-Alim Public School recruited 5 school teachers. All teachers are from the local area.

January 2015– Al-Alim starts recruiting school teachers.

2013– Fida Chaudhary announces the opening of a primary school in the village of Tatral. The school will provide top quality free education to orphans and needy children of the area. The site is also visited by Mr Tanveer Sajid, the General Secretary of Croydon Mosque & Islamic Centre who condones the project. Approximately 50 people from the village also attended the gathering.

2012– Colonel (r) Muhammad Malik Nawaz agrees to to take the responsibility of managing day to day affairs of Madrassa Ibrahim.

1 January 2012– Makka Solicitors Ltd is honoured to take the responsibility of Madrassa Ibrahim management.

2008 – Madrassa Ibrahim open its doors to young boys for Hifdh classes with lodging and boarding facilities.

1999 – Ibrahim Khan raja Decides to build a Madrassa in Tatral