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Mr Bilal Akbar

Name: Mr Bilal Akbar

Post: Trustee
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I am the son of Mr Mohammed Akbar (Jaswal, Chountra). I was born in London and later studied at Pak F.G Public Secondary School in Pakistan until Class 8. I then returned to London to continue my further education and completed my HHD in Business and Finance from Thames Valley University and then set up my own business. Ibrahim Raja, the founder of this charity, was my father’s best friend.
I have always wanted to be involved in good projects and charity work. I have done so whenever I have had the time and opportunity. I have always attempted to follow in my father’s footsteps as, Alhamdullilah, he has always helped others. In 2016, Mr Fida Chaudhary asked me to join the charity and continue the good work in aid of a good cause. I was truly happy and joyful when I was offered this opportunity and did not think twice when confirming that I wished to be part of Chountra Welfare Assassination UK. I would especially like to thank Co Nawaz Sahib and his team for all the great work they are putting into this great and never ending cause. May Allah’s blessings be upon All who are helping in anyway.
Bilal Akbar