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Sughra Bibi

Sughra Bibi Post: Teacher Miss Bibi started teaching at Islamic Public School Tatral in 2017. She has demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm towards the school which has reflected in her teaching.

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Mohammad Qasim Qureshi

Mohammad Qasim Qureshi (Legal Adviser) LLB, LLM & BVC Mr Qureshi completed his LLB (honours) from University of London. After completing his law degree he undertook the Bar Vocational Course at City University, London. He then continued with his higher education and obtained his LLM degree from the University of …

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Mrs Farzana Mehmood

Mrs Farzana Mehmood (Education Director) M.A- M Ed, Montessori Diploma and M.A (EPM) Mrs Mehmood is the wife of Col (R) Mehmood ul Hassan Alvi. She is a retired Principal of Army Public School Dhamial Campus, Rawalpindi (APS). Since the organisation started the education project, Mrs Mehmood has been heavily …

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Muhammad Malik Nawaz

Name: Col (R) Muhammad Nawaz Malik (Chief Executive) Tel: ​​ +92 (0) 300 956 4119 Email: ​​ Mr Malik was born in the village of Saroba, Thana Chountra. He graduated from Punjab University and Command & Staff College Quetta. He is a director of Islamic Research Academy. He is also the publisher of …

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Khateeb Zia-ul Haq Rehman

Khateeb Zia-ul Rehman Post: Mudrassa Teacher Metric & 10 yr course Mr Zia-ul Haq Rehman is a Khateeb and had 10 years of valuable experience before he joined Madrassah Ibrahim.

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Qari Habib-ullah

Qari Habib-ullah Post: Mudrassa Teacher Metric In addition to being a Qari, Mr Habib-ullah has also completed his matriculation education.

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Rukhsana Bibi

Rukhsana Bibi Post: Teacher Miss Bibi had a year worth of teaching experience before she joined Islamic Public School Tatral in 2016. She has shown great promise and dedication thus far.

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Tanzeela Kesar

Tanzeela Azam Post: Teacher, B.ed & Once Miss Azam completed her education, she started working at Government Girls High School Saroba. She worked there for a year and thereafter she joined Islamic Public School Tatral as a teacher in 2015. As well as showing her dedication to teaching, …

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Aamira Ijaz

Aamira Bibi Post: Teacher BA, B.ed & Having completed her graduation and after obtaining necessary teaching qualifications, Miss Ijaz started teaching at Islamic Public School Tatral in 2015. Since then, she has shown her utmost dedication to her profession.

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